Round Diamonds

Written by Diane Sievert
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Round diamonds have proven time and time again to be by far the most popular shape of diamond, especially when it comes to diamond solitaire rings. A big, beautiful diamond in a simple round shape is the image that most people conjure up when you speak of diamonds. A simple, sleek and timeless design, round diamonds are always a safe way to go when buying diamond jewelry.

The Appeal of Round Diamonds

Why do round diamonds continue to dominate the engagement ring business? Round diamonds are easy to cut and, if done correctly, display the brilliance of the stone beautifully. Another reason that round diamonds continue to be so popular is because of tradition--the round shape is the one most women and men think of when you mention engagement rings.

Round diamonds are also the most popular shape when it comes to diamond stud earrings. Since all you get in a diamond stud earring is the stone and a rather non-descript setting, the stone had better be cut in a shape that's attractive. For example, emerald or princess cut diamond stud earrings can be a little harder to pull off, but round diamond earrings will always be a classic.

But the trend doesn't stop there! Once you get into the necklace and bracelet arena, you start finding diamonds in all kind of different shapes--princess, emerald, etc.. However, round diamonds can also be found in other types of jewelry, diamond pendants being one of the most common.

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