Silver Chokers

Written by Diane Sievert
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Silver chokers can add a lot of oomph to what would otherwise be a fairly simple outfit. However, the eye-catching style of this particular kind of necklace is not to be taken lightly. It's a rather dramatic look, but one that will work if you wear it with confidence.

Silver Chokers Are Ultra Fashionable

Wearing any kind of choker is not easy to do. The look can be rather extreme and it's not terribly complementary--only those with a long, lean neck and fairly attractive jawline can pull it off. That having been said, if you can make the necklace work, it's definitely a risk worth taking (it's the same principle that applies to miniskirts).

Silver chokers in particular add a certain sense of flair to an outfit because of the manner in which they're displayed--chokers can't hide under sweaters or collars. When you wear a choker, you're wearing a necklace for everyone to see. And the sheen associated with silver chokers will attract further attention.

If you want to go even further, you could wear a silver choker studded with various gem stones--the sparkle of gem stones will liven up the outfit even more! However, one more word of caution: silver chokers are generally associated with a younger crowd and there's good reason for this. As we age, skin sags and nothing looks worse than a choker that's highlighting a bunch of sagging neck wrinkles (once again, the miniskirt principle applies--don't wear it if you can't flaunt it).

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