Silver Cuff Bracelets

Written by Diane Sievert
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Silver cuff bracelets are a super trendy way to dress up casual or couture outfits. They may not work with the ball gown you're planning on wearing to next week's benefit, but they'll work with just about everything else. They're especially appropriate for those women who appreciate clean, smooth lines.

A Guide to Silver Cuff Bracelets

A cuff bracelet is exactly what it sounds like: it's a bracelet, much like a bangle, shaped in a stiff oval but distinguished by a bit of space (like half an inch) between ends. The height of the cuff depends on the designer--some are quite small while others measure up to three inches. The overall detailing on the cuff is also determined by the designer--some are quite detailed (the knotted and spiral looks are quite popular) while others are completely flat.

Silver cuff bracelets are extremely popular for their beautiful sheen and relatively inexpensive cost. A platinum cuff bracelet would cost hundreds, even thousands, but a silver cuff bracelet can easily be had for under a hundred dollars. The only time you should expect to pay more for a silver cuff bracelet is if it has been designed by a top-notch and trendy designer.

One of the other reasons silver cuff bracelets are so well liked is because of their distinctly modern feel. The cuff look is a fairly new one, so those who like the clean, sleek lines of modern clothing are sure to like silver cuff bracelets. A tennis bracelet is the perfect complement for a woman who wears traditional clothing, but a woman who likes contemporary fashion should consider a cuff bracelet instead.

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