Single Diamond Earrings

Written by Liza Hartung
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Single diamond earrings are an elegant way to splash up any outfit. In addition, they can also add a rough yet flashy edge if worn in one ear by men. Diamond earrings have been popular for ages. They have never gone out of style and are not likely to go out of style any time soon. If you have never been shopping for diamonds before, here are a few keys of what to look for.

When searching for single diamond earrings, you will want to keep the Four Cs in mind. Anyone who is familiar with diamonds knows that these are carat, clarity, color grading and cut. There is also a fifth C that some people talk about and some don't. It's a certificate. As long as you shop with a mental or physical checklist of these things, you will feel comfortable in your purchases.

Carat is the weight of the diamond. We always hear people saying things like, "How many carats is it?" and "These earrings are two carats!" Even though we may ask these questions or say these statements, not many of us know what a carat really is. First off, it should not be confused with the "karat," which measures the purity of gold. Nor should it be confused with the "carrot," which we eat. (I'm sorry. It's just too easy.)

Does Size Matter with Single Diamond Earrings?

Because diamonds are so hard to find, particularly bigger ones, the price goes up exponentially as the size increases. You won't need something too terribly large in the form of single diamond earrings. You don't want your ear to swallow the earring, but you don't want to look weighted down either. If you want a bigger earring, but are on a budget, go for a little less in terms of cut or color.

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