Tennis Bracelets

Written by Diane Sievert
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Tennis bracelets have long been a favorite style of bracelet among women with impeccable fashion sense for tennis bracelets are absolutely timeless. Other styles may come and go, but tennis bracelets are here to stay. Case in point: century old tennis bracelets are one of the most popular items snatched up by those who frequent estate sales--what worked then continues to work now.

A Guide to Tennis Bracelets

What exactly makes a bracelet a tennis bracelet you wonder? Unlike cuff bracelets, beaded bracelets and bangle bracelets, a tennis bracelet is made of multiple links. The metal, gem stone, and linking style may vary, but the basic design, a proven favorite, essentially stays the same.

Tennis bracelets are simple and effective fashion accessories--a tennis bracelet can dress up almost any outfit. If you're going to a black-tie event, a tennis bracelet, especially one complete with gem stones, will complete the formal look for which you're striving. However, tennis bracelets can also be worn as everyday accessories--a simple, sleek tennis bracelet can even be paired with something as relaxed as a jeans and t-shirt ensemble.

Tennis bracelets also make excellent gifts. While rings and necklaces have a certain sense of romanticism attached to them, bracelets can be given by anybody to anybody. If you're thinking about getting your niece a nice graduation present or your mom a great holiday gift, you should pause to consider tennis bracelets.

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