Three Stone Diamond Rings

Written by Diane Sievert
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Three stone diamond rings are all the rage when it comes to the diamond ring business. True, diamond solitaire rings continue to sell quite well, but for those who want a little more bang for their buck, three stone diamond rings are the way to go. Instead of spending all your money on one stone, you get a trio of beautiful stones and a ring that's guaranteed to please.

The Allure of Three Stone Diamond Rings

There's no denying the popularity of diamond solitaire rings, especially when it comes to engagement rings, but there are some drawbacks to the solitaire style. Whole diamonds are rare and the larger they get, the rarer they are; that's why a single diamond of decent size and quality costs so much. A colorless and flawless diamond solitaire of more than one carat can cost several thousand dollars.

Three stone diamond rings are a more practical option if you want to get a beautiful diamond ring without breaking the bank. Since the diamonds on a three stone ring tend to be smaller than those typically found on a diamond solitaire ring, the ring costs less. But don't be alarmed by the reduction in size--the three stone design illustrates the beauty of the diamonds in the most impressive manner possible.

Most three stone diamond rings follow a simple pattern: one larger diamond is surrounded on either side by two smaller diamonds. The diamond in the middle looks bigger because the human eye automatically compares it to the two smaller diamonds. Another reason the layout of three stone diamond rings works well is because it stretches around the front of the finger, thereby giving the ring the appearance of being a circle of diamonds.

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