Wedding Bands

Written by Jill Morrison
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Wedding bands are a popular alternative to wedding sets with engagement rings. They are most commonly worn by men, but some women will choose to wear only a wedding band as well. Many couples purchase their bands with matching designs. Most bands are made from yellow gold, but you can also choose from white gold, platinum, and silver.

Qualities of Wedding Bands

Because wedding bands make a never-ending circle around the finger, they represent a love that lasts forever. Men did not always wear wedding bands in the marriage process. Bands became popular around the time of World War II as a way for men to feel connected with their wives while fighting overseas. This tradition has continued and remains popular today.

Some women will wear bands that match or fit with their engagement rings. Women can choose to have their bands welded together with their engagement rings to form one ring, if they desire. They also have the choice to wear both rings on the same finger or to wear the wedding band on the left finger while wearing the engagement ring on the right.

Some women prefer to choose their own wedding rings while others prefer to be surprised. Online browsing is a great method for men to discover the preferences of their partners. Couples can view pictures of ring styles in detail on most wedding jewelry websites. Men can also compare levels of quality and pricing of rings that will fit into their budgets.

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