Wedding Rings

Written by Jill Morrison
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Wedding rings are worn on the left ring finger to symbolize a union in marriage. The third finger on the left hand was thought to be linked to the flow of blood to the heart. This vital connection was significant to early ring wearers. Today's newlyweds continue to place rings on the same finger just as a part of the tradition. A wedding ring continues to be the ultimate sign of love and devotion.

Wearing Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are generally worn to show a commitment in marriage. You can also purchase wedding bands without the addition of an engagement ring. Wedding bands are most commonly worn by men. This tradition began at the time of World War II and continues today. Wedding bands are different from engagement rings because they are flat as opposed to having a diamond protruding from the edge of the ring.

An engagement ring is usually the most elaborate ring with a large diamond set onto the ring. There are a variety of diamond shapes that can be used for an engagement ring. The two most popular shapes are round and princess cuts. Most people will choose a solitaire setting for their engagement ring, but the option of side diamonds on the band is also popular.

Diamonds can be set into wedding bands as well, or you can keep them simple by using a solid precious metal. Some precious metal choices for rings include yellow gold, white gold, silver, and platinum. You can find wedding rings in jewelry stores, but the most convenient method is shopping online. Wedding jewelry websites allow customers to compare types, prices, and ratings of rings from home.

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