Wholesale Diamonds

Written by Jill Morrison
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If you are interested in purchasing diamond jewelry, but have a limited budget, you should look into purchasing wholesale diamonds. These diamonds are also known as loose diamonds because they are sold individually instead of set into precious metal jewelry settings. The best place to find wholesale loose diamonds is on the Internet.

Purchasing Wholesale Diamonds

It is always cheaper to purchase wholesale diamonds as opposed to diamonds in jewelry stores. When you purchase diamonds at wholesale prices, you are practically purchasing them from their manufacturer. Wholesalers are now providing diamonds to the general public, so you do not have to pay double for diamond jewelry items that you would find in jewelry stores.

In the past, wholesale diamond jewelry was not available to the public. Diamond wholesalers would only sell diamonds to jewelry stores, or those who were willing to purchase diamonds in bulk amounts. With the development of the Internet, a variety of diamond wholesale options became available to the general public. Many online companies will allow you to purchase one or many diamonds at wholesale prices when you shop on their websites.

You may be wondering why online jewelry stores would be willing to sell wholesale diamonds without marking up the price. The main reason is their inability to show you their diamonds in person. You will have to be trusting in order to purchase a diamond online and there must be a good reason for purchasing a diamond without looking at it initially. This reason is the wonderful wholesale prices that are often half the price of diamonds that are sold at jewelry stores.

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