Wholesale Loose Diamonds

Written by Jill Morrison
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Wholesale loose diamonds are single diamonds that can be purchased at the lowest possible price. You are not likely to find wholesale prices for loose diamonds by visiting popular jewelry stores. Your best option for cutting down prices of diamonds is to search for and compare your diamond options online. There are a number of websites that sell wholesale loose diamonds if you have the time and patience to search for them.

Purchasing Wholesale Loose Diamonds

When choosing wholesale loose diamonds, you should make sure to carefully inspect diamonds before making any purchases. Though most jewelry companies are truthful in their classifications of diamond quality, there are scam artists in jewelry, just like in every other type of business. You should be careful and try to purchase your diamonds from a reputable company.

There are many ways that you can lower the price of loose diamonds. For instance, certain diamonds may have inclusions that can be masked. Inclusions are any minerals or fractures that can be found in a diamond. Some diamonds may have inclusions that can be hidden by the mounting of a ring. Then, the beauty of your diamond will not be compromised as you purchase a diamond for a lower price.

Many people will try to look for a good rating among the Four Cs of diamond quality when purchasing loose diamonds. The Four Cs include cut, clarity, carat, and color. If you are trying to find loose diamonds for cheaper prices, you may want to focus on one quality that ranks as most important to you. Most jewelers consider the diamond cut to be the most important element for diamond quality.

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