Braided Wedding Bands

Written by Serena Berger
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Braided wedding bands are a very popular option because of both their beauty and symbolism. If you don't want a perfectly plain wedding band but also don't want one set with sparkling gems, a braided band is a lovely compromise with character and texture. You'll have your choice of colors, metals, widths, and dimensions--so you can find a ring that perfectly suits your hand and your personal style.

The significance of the braiding is a lot like that of a Celtic knot. The idea is that there are strands interwoven with no obvious beginning or end. This represents the idea that you and your partner are bound together for all time and your love has no end.

Hand Braided Wedding Bands

Hand braided wedding bands are the choice of many couples who like the sense of having something unique to represent their union. While other couples may have similar rings, yours will have been made with the care and attention of a master craftsman, and is the only one just like it. If you don't like the idea of your ring simply coming out of a machine but also don't have thousands of dollars to give to a designer like Beaudry, a hand braided wedding band (or a hand engraved band, or something of this nature) may be the perfect option for you.

With a braided wedding band, the texture may be the only adornment--simple and sophisticated. You could also opt for something a little more dramatic, like a ring made with three different colors of gold--yellow, rose, and white. A truly stunning option might be white gold, platinum, and titanium braided together. The colors have just enough differentiation to be intriguing and beautiful together while still all being cool, sensual, and lustrous.

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