Brand Name Watches

Written by Serena Berger
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You can find brand name watches to fit almost any budget and personal taste. Brands like Casio, Timberland, and Kenneth Cole offer attractive contemporary pieces that are affordable, durable, and versatile. These are pieces that you can pick up for yourself because you need a personal timepiece, and they also make great gifts that do not break the bank.

When you've got more money to spend, however, a truly luxurious watch can make you feel great every time you feel its weight around your wrist. Whether it's an extremely understated but impeccably elegant timepiece from Tag Heuer or a bold and playful piece from Corum, a top designer's work is a combination of beauty and precision engineering. Omega, Ebel, and Cartier (for example) use only the finest materials to make their watches, and also feature stunning designs ranging from the flawlessly simple to the innovative and flashy.

Brand Name Watches as Gifts

If you are giving a fine watch as a gift, it is important to determine whether you would anticipate that the watch be worn daily or rotated in with other watches that the recipient already owns. With men, especially, this can be a major issue because it's common for a man to have one very nice watch which he becomes accustomed to wearing every day. A woman may appreciate Corum's bold and flirty Rocket watch, but find that she rarely has occasion to wear it to work at a law firm, thus making the expenditure seem less worthwhile than it would be if she could wear it more often.

If what you want is elegant versatility, look to brands like Armani, Breitling, Bulova, Bvlgari, Movado, and Tag Heuer. For sporty watches, check out Timberland, Swiss Army, Casio, Nautica, or Suunto. Very few retailers, especially small jewelry stores, can carry the variety of brand name watches that are out there, so take advantage of the Internet for some comparison shopping--at the very least to look at pictures and read some reviews if you are considering making a major purchase.

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