Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Written by Serena Berger
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There are a few items of jewelry which are considered classics. Almost every woman will have a string of pearls and pair of diamond studs, as these elegant and classic pieces are extremely versatile and can be paired with anything from the most sophisticated business suit to the most elegant little black dress. If, however, these pieces are not your opinion of the most exciting items of jewelry, it makes sense to consider attractive synthetics instead of the extreme high end.

Save Money with Cubic Zirconia Earrings

If what you really want is a Happy Snowflake watch from Chopard, it might be extremely disappointing to open a jewelry box and find a pair of diamond studs, no matter how beautiful they are. If you suspect that your partner or parents or grandparents are considering an extravagant gift and might be tempted (due to lack of inspiration or information) to get you something traditional, you should find a tactful way to make it clear that that isn't what you really want. A beautiful pair of cubic zirconia earrings will look just like diamonds to any naked eye, and can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on their size.

Cubic zirconia (or CZ) is the most famous substitute for diamonds, as well as a beautiful gem in its own right. Naturally occurring CZ can be found, but it is almost always synthetic. As such, where diamonds are almost all flawed, CZs are all perfect. CZs can be made in almost any color, and they can be evaluated by their fire or brilliance. They have slightly less sparkle than diamonds, and typically more flashes of color, but can pass for diamonds when set in precious metals.

A simple set of CZ studs can be a jewelry staple that doesn't break the bank. But there are also countless striking designs with dangles, drops, chandeliers, and other contemporary settings. The affordability of CZ gives you the opportunity to have some fun while adding sparkle and class to almost any ensemble.

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