Cubic Zirconia Rings

Written by Serena Berger
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The diamond industry would have you believe that the only way to tell a woman that you love her and really mean it is to give her a diamond ring that costs two month's salary. And presumably, the more you love her, the more you will spend--giving her extreme bragging rights and some serious finger sparkle. Perhaps no one told her that the more she loves you, the more she ought to see the sense in not going into debt for a piece of jewelry when you're about to have some other major expenses (anything from a wedding to a new home).

While many couples are not willing to give up the idea of a traditional diamond engagement ring, more and more couples are deciding that it's sensible to get a CZ engagement ring. Whether you want to get a solitaire or a lovely band set with gemstones, there are designs that range from the most traditional to the more experimental and flashy. Generally you can find CZs set in yellow and white gold, but very few designers will pair them with the more costly metals like platinum and titanium.

Get a Cubic Zirconia Copy of a Valuable Ring

Another thing that many couples do is get a CZ replica of a diamond ring that is valuable. If you don't want to wear your precious diamond on a late-night subway ride home from work or to the gym, you might want to wear a CZ copy as opposed to not wearing a ring at all. You can find a jeweler who will make a CZ replica that you can wear on these occasions, and you may even find that you prefer to leave a particularly valuable ring in a safe deposit box and wear the copy all the time for peace of mind.

Engagement rings aren't the only cubic zirconia rings on the market, by any means. If you just want to wear something fun, beautiful, sparkly, or truly-eye catching, you can get yourself a CZ ring in almost any style. There are beautiful colors made with oxides added to cooling CZ, so if you don't want a "fake diamond," you can get a chunky ring with a lovely pink, blue, green, yellow, or purple stone to match any outfit and suit any mood.

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