Diamond And Sapphire Bracelets

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Diamond and sapphire bracelets simply never go out of style. Other styles of jewelry seem to come and go. Turquoise is in one year, and out the next. Platinum wedding bands are this year's must have, and next year, yellow gold might be the most popular look. Different styles of diamond and gold jewelry tend to fall in and out of favor, but diamond and sapphire bracelets remain extremely popular, year after year.

The Classic Look of Diamond and Sapphire Bracelets

How to explain diamond and sapphire bracelets' enduring popularity? Diamonds, of course, never go out of style. They sparkle, the work with everything, they're a fabulous status symbol, and they look great on everyone. Sapphires are beautiful on their own, but when set in combination with diamonds, each stone seems even prettier. I think sapphire and diamonds endure because cool blue sapphires are the ideal complement to icy, glimmering diamonds.

Diamond and gold jewelry, of course, doesn't come cheap. Finding a piece you really want that you can also afford isn't a once-a-month event. Make sure that when you take the plunge, and buy that longed-for jewelry item, you go about it the right way.

First, never skimp on quality. Better to buy no diamond at all than a dull or second-rate diamond. Save your money for the time when you can purchase quality. Second, always buy wholesale. The easiest way to find wholesale these days is online. The Internet is absolutely revolutionizing jewelry sales. If you shop wholesale, online, from a company that imports its diamonds directly, you can expect to save about 50 percent.

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