Diamond Anniversary Bands

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Diamond anniversary bands show her that she's even more important and precious to you now, than she was when you first proposed. Diamond and gold jewelry is always a wonderful gift for the woman in your life, but there's something about diamond anniversary bands that is even more special. This is a beautiful way of showing her that she's more than just your partner, or the mother of your children--she's also the woman of your dreams.

Another reason diamond anniversary bands tend to be popular is because people usually have more money the older they get. If you proposed to her when you were in your early twenties, you might have asked for her hand with a diamond so small, you'd need a jeweler's loop just to find it. The years have gone by, the two of you have worked hard and saved, and now, you can finally afford the beautiful ring she always deserved.

Diamond Anniversary Bands: Color and Clarity

Remember, it isn't just the size of the diamond--it's the color, and the clarity. The better the color and clarity, the more sparkle the diamond will have. It's better to choose a smaller stone with true brilliance, than one which is large, and dull.

When shopping for her band, look for discount diamond jewelry. Discount shouldn't mean poor quality. Discount should mean wholesale. If you can buy directly from the manufacturer, skipping the middleman of a distributor, you can save yourself a bundle. If you can buy from a manufacturer who imports his diamonds directly, you can expect to save even more.

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I LOVE these pictures. They are aazimng! I would love to know how you get two different effects like the ones on the bottom with essentially the same lighting. The one on the right is so bright and vibrant, and the one on the left is so soft and romantic.