Diamond Engagement Rings

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Looking at diamond engagement rings can really put the pressure on a man. You've probably never thought about jewelry in your life, and here you are, shopping for the most important piece of jewelry a person could ever buy. Does your girlfriend like princess cut or pear shaped diamonds? Does she like white gold, yellow gold, or platinum? Chances are, looking at a store full of diamond engagement rings fills you with a sense of foreboding. What if you pick something she hates?!

Shopping for Diamond Engagement Rings Together

A lot of couples these days are taking the pressure off the man, by shopping for diamond engagement rings together. Sound unromantic? You can separate the shopping from the proposal. You can shop together almost as more of a game--a sort of, "If I were to buy you a ring from this store one day, what type of ring would you like the most?" Just don't forget to ask for the details. Does she love a certain ring because of the clarity of the diamond, or because of the ornate setting?

If you decide to shop for diamond wedding rings together, but you plan to propose at a later date, make sure she understands that you are planning to wait to propose. Otherwise, her excited, pins and needles feeling will last for about a week, before it starts turning into good, old fashioned annoyance! Let her know that you plan on waiting for just the right moment, sometime in the next several months, to propose. Then, you can avoid hurt feelings.

Feel free to shop in stores when looking at diamond rings. However, when it comes time to actually buy the ring, make sure you shop online. The prices for jewelry over the Internet are usually much cheaper than anything you could find in a store. You'll be able to afford a much better ring online than if you shopped in a store.

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