Diamond Semi Mounts

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Diamond semi mounts allow people to create the diamond engagement rings of their dreams. Instead of buying the gem and the mount together, the diamond semi mounts and the loose diamonds for the center piece are acquired separately. There are several different ways this can happen.

How Diamond Semi Mounts Become Beautiful Rings!

One of the very sweetest ways that diamond semi mounts typically become full-fledged rings is by inheritance. A man is given his grandmother's or great-grandmother's engagement ring. Of course, he's touched by the emotion of it. However, what if he, or his girlfriend, doesn't like the look of it? Should they be stuck with an old-fashioned ring they don't like because of sentimentality?

By removing the diamond from the ring and placing it in a new semi mount, you get all the sweetness, all the history, and all the magic, in a ring you can really love. Generations from now, when your own great-great-grandchildren are given this ring, they too can choose to remove the diamond from the mount, and begin again.

Another reason a person might choose to buy the mount separately from the gem is if they find a pretty antique mount with a flawed stone. My friend's engagement was made official when her boyfriend slipped a ring on her finger that was his great-grandmother's Art Deco mount, with a new, perfect diamond in the mount. It's one of the most truly beautiful rings I have ever seen.

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