Diamond Wedding Bands

Written by Serena Berger
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Diamonds are often thought of as unconquerable because of their strength and durability. As such, it seems only fitting that wedding bands feature diamonds to symbolize the strength of a union based on unconquerable love. Both men and women can wear diamond wedding bands. Women may find designs with either a small cluster of diamonds on top or diamonds lining the entire ring. A small cluster or a few diamonds around the surface of the ring are more common designs for men's wedding bands.

The Origin of the Wedding Band Tradition

There are several theories as to what began the tradition of wearing wedding bands. One belief is that Pope Nicholas I said that grooms should present brides with a gold ring as a sign of financial commitment. This may have contributed to the popular belief that you should spend two months' salary on an engagement ring. How much you spend on the engagement and wedding rings should be a decision made by both the groom and bride, however, as they may both agree that the money could be better spent elsewhere.

Men started wearing wedding bands more recently. The tradition is thought to have begun during WWII, when men would wear rings to remind them of their wives. This practice has continued through the modern day. A popular trend now is for husband and wife to wear matching bands.

There may be some confusion as to where you are supposed to wear your wedding band and your engagement ring. One school of thought is to move the engagement ring to your right hand on your wedding day. More common, however, is for women to wear both their wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger. The wedding band is worn closer to the knuckle, as the engagement ring "protects" the wedding band. If you are hoping to wear both on the same finger, you may want to indicate this much to your partner before he proposes, so that he can find an engagement ring that has a matching wedding band.

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