Figaro Chains

Written by Serena Berger
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Link chains are available in a wide variety of styles, making them ideal to be worn by themselves or with pendants and charms. One style of link chain is the Figaro chain, which alternates three small circular links with one larger elongated link. You may also find Figaro chains that alternate two circular links with an elongated oval link.

These chains are available in a number of different widths. If you plan on wearing the chain as a necklace or bracelet, you might prefer a wider chain. On the other hand, if the chain is to be used for a pendant, you would not want a chain that is too thick and overwhelming. You will also need to make sure that the chain can fit through the loop of the pendant.

Some History on Link Chains

Until the middle of the 1700s, chain making had to be done by hand. In 1750, a World Gold Council brochure claimed that a machine had been developed that could make chains. This machine was actually only used to make wire for mesh chains. The first machine made with the intent of producing chains was built in 1782. Machines used to manufacture Figaro chains feature two separate parts--one for each type of link that is used in the chain.

Figaro chains are a popular style of design which you can find in both silver and gold. If you have a medical condition that requires you to wear a medical ID bracelet, you can find such bracelets made with stylish Figaro chains. These look just like any other piece of jewelry, so non-medical personnel will never think that you are wearing anything other than an attractive accessory.

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