Flat Chains

Written by Serena Berger
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The style of chain that you prefer is obviously first and foremost a matter of personal taste. The only real logistical consideration is whether or not you are certain that you always want to wear a chain by itself. If you may want to hang different pendants from a chain, you'll need a finer chain with a fastener over which your pendants' loops or hanging mechanisms can pass.

Consider Beautiful Flat Chains for Jewelry

If you want a chain to stand alone as a striking piece of jewelry, however, you have many more options. Flat chains (also called curb link chains or flat curb link chains) are one specific type which appeals to people for several reasons. First, they tend to be totally smooth. Some other types of chains can catch on clothing or hair, damaging clothes or pulling hair painfully. The smooth links of a flat chain rest comfortably on skin and don't get caught in anything.

The style of curb link chains also makes them sparkle quite nicely. The same way that a gemstone with more facets will give you more sparkle and brilliance, a chain with facets and dimensions will catch the light more. It's even possible to facet a chain so that it looks as though it's set with tiny gemstones!

Flat chains make all sorts of jewelry pieces. You can wear a flat chain necklace, bracelet, anklet, or even belt. You can also find them in all of the most popular metals for jewelry, from Sterling silver to yellow and white gold, platinum to titanium.

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