Gemstone Rings

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Gemstone rings are a splendid alternative to diamond and gold jewelry. For some women, especially women who love color, gemstone rings are even preferable to diamonds. Most women have a certain type of gemstone they prefer. This preference may change from decade to decade. My mother, for instance, first loved onyx, then emeralds, and is now crazy about blue topaz.

Gemstone Rings and Birthstones

Gemstone rings make a fabulous birthday gift. Just make sure that the person you're buying the ring for actually likes her birthstone. If you want the ring to be a surprise, you might want to try bringing up the topic of birthstones well in advance of her birthday.

Gemstones can also make a wonderful mother or grandmother ring. This is a fantastic idea for a Mother's Day gift: give her a ring set with a birthstone for each of her children. It's colorful, festive, and touching, all at once.

Gemstones can bring out your coloring. If you have green eyes, try emerald earrings. If you have blue eyes, try on a sapphire or blue topaz necklace. Deep colors like ruby red look fantastic against white clothing. Try an all white dress with a sapphire, emerald or ruby pendant and tennis bracelet. Some people love gemstones so much, they even wear them in place of diamonds for their engagement rings. I have a friend who wears a large, emerald cut garnet instead of a diamond along with her wedding band. She was thrilled that her husband knew her well enough to propose to her with this unusual, meaningful ring.

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