Gold Bangle Bracelets

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Gold bangle bracelets are one of the few pieces of jewelry that look good on every woman, of every age. I had a professor in college who was in her sixties. She wore several gold bangle bracelets and cuffs every day, and she always looked fantastic. She would pair the bangles with a suit jacket, trousers, and flowing scarves. The look was cosmopolitan, smart and feminine.

Of course, the class was full of women in their twenties who were also wearing gold bangle bracelets! Bangles and cuffs, particularly when paired together, are just a solid, timeless look. I find that they're also a great outlet for nervous energy! Wear them the next time you're on a job interview. You can twist them and fiddle with them to your heart's content while you're sitting in the waiting room. It's a lot more becoming than playing with your hair!

Buy Gold Bangle Bracelets Wholesale

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Wholesale just means you're buying directly from the manufacturer, cutting out the distributor (the jewelry store) entirely. It's shocking that this can save you thousands of dollars, but it's true. In the past, you had to know someone to get your jewelry wholesale. With the Internet, you can find diamond and gold jewelry wholesale with just the click of a button.

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