Gold Bracelets

Written by Serena Berger
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When searching for a gift appropriate for nearly any occasion, it is not uncommon to consider jewelry. Of course, many people are stymied by the dizzying number of choices available. Rings may seem too fraught with subtextual meaning, it's too easy to buy earrings that won't get worn, and necklaces and pendants are often best chosen by someone with a strong grasp of the style and demeanor of the recipient. Bracelets, on the other hand, are a foolproof gift idea that is often overlooked.

The wide variety of gold bracelets available for both men and women ensures that there will be a style, color, and price appropriate for every occasion--anniversary, birthday, graduation or as a for-no-particular-reason token of affection. The best part of giving a bracelet is that they can go with nearly every look and style, so they are sure to be worn as well as appreciated.

Go Ahead, Get Complicated

As elegant as a simple gold bracelet can look, a more complicated style may be the perfect accent for a special occasion, or as a special gift. Mixing white and yellow gold can make for a truly dazzling effect. Add in a sparkling stone (or two, or three--if one is good, more can be better!) and you end up with movie-star dazzle that can turn jeans and a t-shirt into a sexy and stunning outfit.

Typically, you'll find gold bracelets in 14k and 18k gold. 24k is pure gold, but that is far too soft to make a bracelet. 10k is the lowest karat weight legally allowed to be sold as gold in the U.S., and may make an affordable option--especially if you want a chunkier style with a lot of metal. Because bracelets tend to face more potential damage than other types of jewelry, the stronger options also have more to recommend.

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