Gold Earrings

Written by Serena Berger
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As an accessory, few pieces can top off an ensemble like earrings. Finding the perfect pair to complement what you're wearing can often be as exhausting as shopping for the outfit itself. Should they dangle? How much? Should they look wild and fun, or demure and classy? Will they be too heavy after a few hours?

A well-stocked jewelry box will surely contain several pairs of earrings meant to be just the thing for certain occasions. Women have been known to set aside earrings for their wedding before they even get engaged, and can become rather disheartened by boyfriends who buys earrings that aren't their color or style. That said, it is important that you choose the proper pair of earrings, whether by doing your research or asking your girlfriend what she likes.

Earring Basics

In general, there are three distinct types of earrings: studs, hoops and dangles. Studs are small, simple, and easy to wear. They compliment cocktail dresses as well as jeans, and are usually in heavy rotation in a woman's repertoire. Hoops are exactly what the name implies--solid bands looped through the ear. Since the natural colors of precious metals go with nearly everything, hoops are a sure-fire staple. If you are giving hoops as a gift, it is a good idea to do a little reconnaissance first: check out the hoops she has, and buy a pair that is about the same size to make sure she'll be comfortable with it. Hoops that are small might seem boring to one woman, while large hoops to another might seem more like costume jewelry than an elegant piece of jewelry.

The last and most potentially unique design is the dangling earring. These can be as simple as a charm or stone at the end of a link of fine chain. They can also hang several inches below the ear. Tastes vary when it comes to dangling earrings, and women prefer different looks depending on their style, mood, and outfit on a given day. If you want to give her an earring that dangles, it is wise to use her jewelry box as a guide. If you're choosing something that she's never seen, you're safest buying earrings that are no more than half an inch longer than the longest earrings you've seen her wear, and not much wider, either.

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