Gold Necklaces

Written by Serena Berger
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Gold necklaces may be among the most common jewelry accessories, and are a gift which can always find a place in the recipient's wardrobe. That does not mean, however, that any given style is appropriate in all scenarios. While a bold chain of gold links might look stunning with the outfit in which you go dancing, it may be too distracting to wear to the office.

Different Styles of Gold Necklaces

Multi-link patterns are typical designs for gold necklaces. For example, a Venetian link necklace features a box chain in which square links are jointed together to form a smooth chain. For a rounder look, consider an Italian cable necklace or a snake chain necklace. If you prefer a bolder design, look toward either Byzantine or twisted rope patterns which form thicker chains.

While gold chains are commonly used for pendants. Gold necklaces often feature more intricate metalwork. For instance, they may have dangling parts that are meant to catch the eye. Gold necklaces may also include precious stones, such as diamonds. A simple chain might have a series of diamonds equally spaced along the front of the necklace.

Gold necklaces featuring a horseshoe pendant are very popular right now. The horseshoe is meant to be a symbol of good luck and is often constructed of gold and lined with diamonds. Superstitious wearers will insist on a necklace in which the horseshoe faces upward. They believe that if it faces toward the ground, it will not "catch" their luck but rather let it fall out and escape.

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