Gold Pendants

Written by Serena Berger
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Gold pendants are a staple part of many women's jewelry collections. Whether you are going into the office to meet clients or having drinks with friends, a gold pendants can be tasteful and elegant, appealing, and appropriate--making them extremely versatile. Several styles of pendants are available, from initial pendants to charms or diamond pendants.

The Many Styles of Gold Heart Pendants

Among gold pendants, there are several varieties of heart pendants. Some of these pendants may be a locket in which you can place a small photograph of a loved one. Others might feature the outline of a heart, encrusted with jewels. You're also likely to find variations in the design of the heart, such as a heart with an elongated tip so that two sides cross rather than come to a point. Whatever style you choose, it conveys the sentiment of warmth and love and can make a wonderful gift.

If you are looking for a religious pendant, you are likely to find them made from gold, as well. You might choose something as basic as a simple gold cross pendant, or be much more ostentatious with thousands of dollars worth of jewels encrusting your symbol of faith. Though you may find such pendants in music videos, they may not be as ideally suited to a corporate environment--no matter how proud you are of your relationship with Jesus.

Whether your intent is to find something flashy or subtle but alluring, a jeweler's collection of gold pendants is likely to have a few pieces that interest you. Should you decide to purchase a pendant, be sure to store it carefully. You need to exercise caution with gold pendants because gold is easily scratched. You should try to wrap each piece in either a soft cloth or a piece of tissue paper so that the stones from one piece do not have the chance to scratch the metal on another piece.

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