Gold Rings

Written by Serena Berger
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Rings are often the most meaningful pieces of jewelry in a person's collection. Rings from the high school or college one attended, baby rings from a beloved family member, and of course the engagement and wedding ring are all imbued with a meaning and substance far outweighing the metal and stone of which they are made. In rings, as in so many types of jewelry, gold is most popular metal--though platinum, titanium and silver all have their fans.

As with all jewelry, the style of the person who wears the ring should be the primary determinant of how it looks. A simple band of gold or a two-tone mix of yellow and white gold is perfect for a person with classic taste, while bolder or more contemporary tastes can demand larger, fancier designs with gemstones or more dimension. A ring with the wearer's initials can make a statement, and the gift of a ring with the giver's name or initials on it can carry special weight.

Wedding Bands in Gold--A Match Made in Heaven

The choice of wedding bands is one a couple will ideally make together. After all, the bands will last throughout the entirety of their marriage. Nobody wants to trade in a wedding ring for a new model after a few years, so couples should take care to choose a ring that matches their style and taste and seems likely to be one they will be comfortable with for years to come. Wedding rings are not the place to get trendy! Yellow gold has been a traditional favorite of newlyweds for as long as rings have been exchanged at weddings. White gold is a more modern twist on the time-honored tradition of gold rings.

An even newer and fresher wedding band is a two-toned mixture of white and yellow gold. The two look wonderful together, as the soft and mellow color of the yellow and the brilliant shine of the white meld together to form a perfect contrast. Such unity can serve to symbolize the coming together of the couple themselves, with the fundamental differences and similarities they bring together in harmony.

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