Heart Pendants

Written by Serena Berger
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Heart pendants are one of the most popular jewelry gifts to give a loved one. Forget the fact that the popularized shape of the heart bears very little resemblance to the actual shape of a human heart (which more closely but far less romantically resembles a clenched fist). The heart has become the symbol of love, and therefore makes a popular gift for a partner, family member, friend, or child.

Heart pendants are available in a number of styles. Some are simple silver or gold cases, in which you can place a picture. Another popular style is an outline of a heart made with stones. These do not have to be precious stones in order to convey the appropriate sentiment to a loved one.

Simple twists on a basic design can add another dimension to the pendant. For example, a single stone might be placed within the outline of the heart. Other pendants may feature a portion that is lined with stones. You are also likely to find a number of different styles of the loop through which the chain is placed. Some may be simple loops, while others might be more intricate and dangle the pendant below the chain.

Considerations When Purchasing Heart Pendants

When you are searching for a heart pendant to purchase as a gift, keep in mind the style of jewelry that the recipient likes. For example, if she only wears silver, a yellow gold heart pendant is unlikely to be appreciated as much as one of white gold or silver. Also consider purchasing a chain for her, unless she already owns several that she likes to wear.

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