Hoop Earrings

Written by Serena Berger
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You can find hoop earrings in several different styles and metals. They're commonly made in platinum, gold, or sterling silver. If you think that plain hoop earrings are a little too conservative, you can also find them made with diamonds or other precious stones. A common design is to have the stones set in a channel on the hoop so that they remain secure.

While some people like hoop earrings, others think that they are too flashy to wear casually. Rather than getting large hoop earrings for someone who feels like this, you might consider purchasing smaller hoops that do not dangle as much. Alternatively, you could look at other styles of earrings, such as studs and dangling earrings, if you think that she would like those more.

Textures of Hoop Earrings

While the most basic style of hoop earrings has a smooth texture, you may also want to pick up a few pairs that have a different texture. For example, rather than wearing plain hoop earrings every day, you might alternate them with hammered hoop earrings. If you do not like that style, you can also find twisted or corrugated hoop earrings that maintain the same aesthetic appeal of plain hoop earrings but with a novel twist.

If the mass-produced styles of hoop earring do not appeal to your taste (or to the taste of the person for whom you are buying them), you may have better luck looking at crafts fairs or specialty stores. Since hoop earrings are fairly easy to construct, many jewelry makers will have large selections that feature unique designs. While you may not find diamond earrings in their collections, you may find hoops with sparkling beads or dangling charms that you will not see anywhere else.

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