Italian Chains

Written by Serena Berger
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Much the way that elegant precision timepieces are associated with the Swiss, beautiful gold pieces (especially chains) are associated with Italian jewelers. The creativity and manufacturing skill of Italian goldsmiths has been at the forefront of jewelry making since before the Renaissance. As we enter the twenty first century, Italian designers have recommitted to maintaining their global standards of innovation and excellence, making Italian gold chains some of the most sought after in the world.

While chains may seem to be among the simplest jewelry items, elaborate craftsmanship goes into the design and manufacturing of the best chains. There are countless styles, and each has its own requirements in order to achieve maximum beauty, durability, and versatility. A rope chain, for example, must be woven just right in order to be strong enough to hold whatever you wish to hang on it, yet loosely enough to be able to flow and move without bending and staying bent when pressure is applied.

Italian Gold Chains for Men and Women

While chains are inherently unisex, there are certain styles more popular with men and others which tend to be worn more by women. For example, flat curb links and mariner chains are often worm by men, while braided bead chains seem to speak primarily to women. Snake chains, box chains, Figarope, and Franco chains are favored equally by both, though the metal used and the width of the chain are likely to give it a slightly more inherently masculine or feminine character.

There is also the matter of whether you want to hang anything on a chain or wear it by itself. A Byzantine chain or a wheat chain doesn't invite a pendant as much as a ball chain or rope chain does. Figaro chains are particularly popular for ID style bracelets, and can be fashioned into quite heavy and chunky bracelets or much more delicate pieces.

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