Mariner Chains

Written by Serena Berger
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Mariner chains are available in two styles: concave mariner chains and normal mariner chains. Both styles are defined by the type of links used in making the chain. Each link looks similar in shape to an eye--an oval that is divided vertically in the center. Each link is joined to another to complete the mariner chain.

These chains are available in a number of lengths and widths. You can find mariner chains that are as narrow as 1.5 millimeters, or wider than seven millimeters. The cost of the chain will also depend on the desired length. Chain lengths begin around 16 inches and are typically sold in two inch increments.

Wearing Mariner Chains with Pendants or by Themselves

Some people wear thick mariner chains as their primary accessories. Others, however, will simply use the mariner chain as a means to wear another accessory, such as a pendant. Mariner chains are commonly sold in gold--either white or yellow. You can also find chains that include elements of both colors of gold. For example, a yellow gold chain with white plating might be perfect for a pendant that has elements of both white and yellow gold.

If you are purchasing a pendant as a gift, be sure that the recipient has an appropriate chain on which to wear it. If she doesn't, she will not be able to wear it until she purchases a chain. While she will appreciate the pendant as a gift, she will appreciate it more if you have the foresight to purchase a chain for her, as well.

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