Mens Jewelry

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Men's jewelry makes an ideal gift. Men tend to wear jewelry that's given to them, but often never think to buy something for themselves. That's why so many men end up wearing chunky class rings decades after graduation. It's not school pride that keeps them with the same old piece of collegiate men's jewelry--it's just force of habit!

Men's Jewelry: Getting Out of the Rut

Help your man get out of his jewelry rut. The next time you're in a jewelry store looking for diamond and gold jewelry for you, take him over to the men's jewelry section, and find out what he likes. You might be surprised! Maybe your lawyer husband fancies the kind of beaded necklaces normally found on surfers. Maybe your musician boyfriend likes the kind of straightforward gold watches you'd expect to find in a law office.

Once you've found out what kind of jewelry he likes, you can look for discount silver jewelry and gold jewelry online. The Internet is by far the best place to find jewelry, because it's the easiest place to find it wholesale. When you buy wholesale, you can expect to save about 50 percent. Over time, that really adds up!

Make sure you find out his likes and dislikes not just in terms of style, but in terms of type. A lot of men who would happily wear a bracelet wouldn't be caught dead wearing a necklace, and vice versa. A lot of guys feel uncomfortable wearing certain types of jewelry. Make sure you find out what he simply refuses to wear, before you waste your money on something that's just going to end up in the closet.

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