Mystic Fire Topaz Rings

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Beautiful and mysterious Mystic Fire Topaz rings are created by applying an azotic coating to silver topaz. Silver topaz is, itself, colorless. By applying the patented "Azotic Coating Technology" this colorless gemstone is turned into something spectacularly colorful. Mystic Fire Topaz rings are known for their playful dance of colors--deep blues swirl into greens, then sparkle with unexpected golds.

Mystic Fire Topaz Rings for Her Birthday

Since topaz is the birthstone for November, Mystic Fire Topaz rings are a lovely choice for November birthday gifts. You can often find this gemstone set as a pendant in a necklace. To find it as a ring is quite unusual. Consider yourself lucky if you spot a really good Mystic Fire ring!

This stone looks gorgeous as a set for formal occasions. The play of colors is very hypnotic and seductive, making it a great look for an evening out. For less formal occasions, Mystic Fire looks great in individual pieces, or individual pieces mixed with simpler, diamond and gold jewelry.

Remember, the more Mystic Fire you have on, the stronger a statement you're going to make. This is a perfect look for a romantic dinner for two, but probably isn't what you had in mind for a trip to the grocery store! Save your sets for the nighttime. During the day, it's better to wear one piece of Mystic Fire at a time.

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