Platinum Wedding Bands

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Platinum wedding bands are the absolute height of luxury. Platinum is one of the rarest and purest precious metals in the world. It is actually much purer and rarer than gold. Why, then, have platinum wedding bands only recently become popular?

The Popular History of Platinum Wedding Bands

The truth is, platinum has been used in jewelry since ancient Egyptian times. Have you ever heard of the Hope Diamond, or the Star of Africa? Chances are you have, since these are the two most famous diamonds in the world. Both of these diamonds are set in, you guessed it, platinum.

Platinum wedding bands were popular with royalty, aristocrats, and wealthy business people alike. Their popularity ceased in the 1940s, however, when World War II set in, and platinum was used exclusively for military business. It was known as a "strategic metal." The U.S. government put the kibosh on jewelry made of platinum.

Diamond and gold jewelry is now being given a run for its money, however, by the resurgence of diamond and platinum jewelry. Platinum works well with so many skin types. Men love it, making it ideal for wedding sets. It's just a clean, understated, luxurious metal.

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