Rope Chains

Written by Serena Berger
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Rope chains are typically used to wear pendants, as they are fairly strong in comparison to other types of chains, such as flat chains. If you are planning to wear a heavy pendant, you will need a thicker chain to wear it. One caveat to be aware of, however, is that unlike link chains, rope chains are not as easily repaired.

When purchasing a rope chain, you should twist the rope a little bit. The point is not to see how strong you are, but to determine how well the chain is constructed. You will be able to twist loosely assembled chains to a greater degree. If you are planning to wear the chain by itself, this is not an issue--you may even prefer a loosely woven rope chain. Rope chains, however, are stronger the more tightly they are woven, and this may become important if you have a heavy pendant or a small child who likes to tug at your accessories.

The Popular Diamond Rope Chain

A variation on the basic rope chain is the diamond cut rope chain. The surfaces of these chains have been cut with a process called diamond cutting. The result is that the chain reflects light and even looks encrusted with gems, much the way that the facets on a stone can give it a brighter appearance.

You should be careful, however, when purchasing diamond cut rope chains. Jewelers have found that these chains tend to be more popular than basic rope chains. Some customers, however, have reported problems with the chain catching on their clothing. This is most likely attributable to the equipment used in performing the diamond cutting. You should run a diamond rope chain lightly across your clothing or through your fingers to make sure that it does not catch anything, and be especially careful with delicate materials even if the chain seems fine with cotton or wool.

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