Silver Jewelry

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Silver jewelry lovers are on a mission. They want the world to know that diamond and gold jewelry isn't the only good jewelry out there. You can find fantastic, elegant pieces of silver jewelry that are just as pretty and just as smart an investment as any gold ring or necklace.

Silver Jewelry Skin Tones

For people with certain skin tones, silver jewelry is actually a much more attractive choice than gold jewelry. Every ethnicity looks good in silver, but often, a slight duskiness or depth of color is best-suited to making silver pop. I have a friend with blonde hair and green eyes. You might think from her description that she'd look perfect in gold. My friend, though pale, has a slight olive tone to her complexion, thanks to her mother's Italian ancestry. She looks simply gorgeous in silver.

Make sure to take good care of your silver bracelets and necklaces. Buy a good jewelry cleaner, and use it often. Although silver is lovely, it's often a little more "high maintenance" than gold. Make sure to keep your silver polished and in tip top shape. That way, you can throw it on at a moment's notice.

Silver works well with a variety of clothing. Silver and turquoise look beautiful against white. Plain silver works wonderfully with darker colors, like dark blues or black. Silver is a clean, bold, confident choice that often looks good with solids. Solid shirts or dresses paired with silver necklaces says brave, bold, and sexy. It looks as smart in the office as it does on a dinner date.

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