Swiss Watches

Written by Serena Berger
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While world class watches are produced by many houses and designers all over the world, Swiss watches remain renowned throughout the world for their quality and design. Customers can expect both technical and aesthetic qualities in Swiss watches which are the pinnacle of the field. A governing body called the FH has actually crafted legislation which regulates the qualities a watch must possess to bear the label "Swiss made," and several other European countries have voluntarily entered into international agreements and treaties through the WTO to support these regulations to preserve the quality and reputation associated with the Swiss name.

Aesthetics and Engineering in Swiss Watches

Reliability, accuracy, water-resistance, and shock resistance are the attributes of engineering required of Swiss watches. Elegance and originality of design are hallmarks of great Swiss timepieces. Some Swiss manufacturers still use traditional techniques, while others are at the forefront of micro-electronics and other new technologies. Where the focus lies depends on the specific designer or design house.

Omega, for example, is one of the most technologically advanced Swiss design houses. NASA uses Omega timepieces, and Omega watches as well as other pieces of precision equipment have been taken to the moon as well as used in other aspects of the space program. Omega watches, especially their gentlemen's collections, are substantial and understated, allowing the feats of engineering to define their character and using only the finest materials to offset their feats of engineering.

Tag Heuer is another Swiss watchmaker known for high performance engineering and design. Sports timing instruments are among their claims to fame, and you will find Tag Heuer timing instruments used in the Olympics, in auto racing, and other events where accuracy to the thousandth of a second is demanded. Tag Heuer also sets the industry standard in water-resistance, though by no means are they the only manufacturer of impressive water-resistant chronographs. Many of the finest Swiss watch manufacturers do not sell their watches online--so if you want to find out more about them, you should look for the nearest authorized dealer to try one of these exquisite precision timepieces in person.

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