Titanium Bracelets

Written by Serena Berger
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Titanium bracelets are available in a number of different styles and materials. Many bracelets feature titanium combined with other metals, such as silver and gold. Another popular style combines titanium with a leather band. If you wear a titanium ring, a titanium bracelet can be the ideal companion piece.

While it is common to find bracelets made from silver and gold rope chains, titanium bracelets are usually fashioned as links. Some people hesitate to wear such bracelets because their wrists are constantly coming into contact with their desk or seem as though they could catch on any number of things at home or at work. As such, they are afraid that a bracelet will not be durable enough. Titanium, however, is among the lightest and most durable metals, making it ideal for casual wearing.

Another popular style of titanium bracelets is a band that may feature etchings or other design elements. Ribbed patterns are also commonly found on these bracelets. You can find these bracelets in a number of finishes, such as satin, brushed, or polished. Satin and brushed finishes are particularly attractive to those individuals who would like to accessorize but do not want something that would be perceived as too flashy.

Magnetic Therapy and Titanium Bracelets

Aside from jewels that might be incorporated into the design of a titanium bracelet, you can also find titanium bracelets that include magnets. There is some evidence to suggest that magnetic therapy can improve pain relief, which is why some people have purchased large magnetic mattress pads. If you want to try magnetic therapy and do so with style, you can find several styles of magnetic titanium bracelets.

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