Titanium Rings

Written by Serena Berger
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Titanium rings have become a popular fashion accessory, particularly among men. Titanium is a highly desirable metal from which to craft jewelry. It is not only lightweight, but also extremely durable, making it ideal for casual wearing. Titanium is also unaffected by moisture and does not react with any skin allergies, so you should have no problem wearing the ring so long as it fits.

Styles of Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are made in a number of styles. Some feature simple designs, such as a smooth or subtly textured finish, while others have intricate etchings. Popular designs include Celtic patterns and Chinese characters. You can also find titanium rings set with gemstones. A titanium ring with someone's birthstone can make a unique present, as you can customize the ring's style and set it with the appropriate stone.

You can also find titanium rings with inlays of precious metals, such as gold and platinum. Combining the warm appearance of yellow gold with the luster of a titanium ring results in an original combination that is sure to catch the eye. You can usually customize the ring by specifying the width of the inlay; you can find rings with either a very narrow channel of gold or a broader strip.

Another feature of titanium is that it chemically reacts when put in an electrolytic bath and produces brilliant colors. You can find rings with blue, gold, green and violet designs that are similar to inlays. Many men who usually steer clear of jewelry find that a titanium ring is a simple yet sophisticated accessory that they may consider wearing, if for no other reason than to brag that it's made from aircraft-grade titanium.

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