Golf Bags

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Some people spend almost as much on their golf bags as they do on their golf clubs. This is because a really great bag can make your every golfing opportunity better. While you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to get a great golf bag, there are some features that you should consider to be absolutely necessary.

Best Golf Bags

You've paid a lot of money for your clubs. Protecting them during travel and while you're walking the course is essential. This is especially true if you have costly graphite shafts. How the bag treats your graphite shafts is a key feature and one that you should consider carefully. Another feature is the weight of the bag and how it is constructed including whether it is very comfortable to carry on your back or shoulder. If you carry your bag, you should look for a stand bag with sturdy, locking poles.

Additional bag features that enhance your golfing experience include cooler pockets that can hold an ice pack and, possibly, a cold exterior pocket for an easily accessible water bottle. Some of the better bags may even include enough cooling for a six pack. Have you ever dropped your keys, your wallet, or even a golf ball into your bag by accident? You can find great bags that have easy interior access through bottom pockets so you don't have to dump your clubs to get your keys.

Golf Bags Security

The theft of golf bags and clubs has become a major problem at thousands of courses, even some of the most exclusive. Fortunately, newer designs in bags may include impressive security features. For example, there is one series of bags that offers a sliding mechanism that virtually eliminates the theft of your favorite putter or driver. Another great feature you can sometimes find on good bags is a strong wire that can wrap around a metal pipe or car door handle securing your bag and clubs from theft.

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