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Shopping Online: Easy And Efficient

Written by Beth Marlin Lichter
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Shopping online is easy and efficient. When it first became available, consumers were extremely worried about security, reliability and expedient delivery. Today, with the use of a credit card, security issues are for the most part, non-existent. Online merchants must provide the customer with a high level of reliability in order for their business to grow and thrive, and companies such as FedEx, enable the buyer to receive items next business day. Does shopping get any easier?

Let’s say you are looking for a particular brand, style and size shoe. You could go from department store to department store, using up precious hours and coming up empty-handed. Why not go to a site such as to find your shoe and a great discount price tag to make you feel good about your purchase?

No need to drive around town, wasting gas and possibly paying a babysitter, which makes your purchase even more costly. Shopping can be done at your computer, while you drink tea at your desk, or in your favorite coffee house. Basically anywhere internet service is available, 24/7, a satisfying online purchase can be made.

Anyone who has done all of his or her holiday shopping online realizes the beauty of streamlining the process and taking the agony out of fighting mall crowds and arriving at stores to find stock depleted or damaged. It’s a no-brainer.

During the peak of the holiday shopping season from November 1st to December 23rd, 2008, consumers spent 25.5 billion dollars shopping online. EBay received 85.4 million visitors and continues to rise in popularity. The thrill of the hunt plus the challenge of bidding on something of interest keeps us coming back. Some people spend a good amount of leisure time just checking out what’s new on EBay or going back to check on the most recent bidding before an item’s auction ends.

The 2008 holiday shopping season was also very profitable for online companies such as, Walmart and Apple. So the answer to the question, “Will e-commerce continue to expand and thrive?”, has to be, yes. Why not? Drawbacks are minimal and convenience is divine.

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