Building Toys

Written by Jill Morrison
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Building toys are a great gift for children because they can be fun and also educational. Various types of toys for building are available for purchasing. Many of the popular versions are magnetic.

Options of Building Toys

Magnetic building toys are popular because structures remain intact with use of the magnets. Though the magnets are very strong and stay together well, they can easily be pulled apart when you are ready to create a new structure. Geomag and Supermag are well-known and awarded examples.

Geomag building toys allow you to create almost any geometric shape. The set includes plastic rods, nickel-plated spheres, and magnetic tips. Each set also comes with instructions and example photos of various structures.

Supermag is the updated version of Geomag. There are more possibilities in amounts of parts, colors, cases to store parts, and sizes of the parts. Supermag also comes in single color sets so that you can mix and match your favorite colors together. The building possibilities are endless with Geomag and Supermag.

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