Educational Toys

Written by Jill Morrison
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Educational toys make learning fun for children. There are many toys available that will teach kids about subjects such as science, math, spelling, and writing. By incorporating toys that teach lessons into life, children are more likely to become smarter and more well-rounded individuals.

Types of Educational Toys

There are many different types of educational toys. Kids can use science discovery kits to create fun science projects, or build structures and puzzles to stimulate their minds. Most of the educational toys on the market use magnets in their lesson.

Toys that use magnets to teach lessons are common. The Supermag and Frigits are examples of magnetic toys used for building. Supermag products focus on using rods to build structures and frigits use marbles and magnets to power moving objects.

Magnetic toys may teach children writing, phrasing and even math. Kids can use magnetic letters, words, or numbers to create phrases and math problems on their fridge or any other magnetic surface. Examples of this type of toy are magnetic poetry, backpack math, animal lover kits, and story-maker magnets.

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