Geometric Toys

Written by Jill Morrison
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Geometric toys can be fun and may also teach children lessons in geometry, magnetism, and design. Various toys are available to purchase from toy stores, mass market stores, catalogs, and on the internet. Popular models of geometric toys are Fractiles, Geomag, and Supermag.

Types of Geometric Toys

Fractiles are geometric toys using angles based on the number 7. Magnetic tiles allow you to create patterns and designs such as starbursts, spirals, butterflies and flowers. Fractiles help to educate about spatial relationships and can be very fun and creative for children.

Geomag is a building toy that is suitable for kids and adults. The set includes plastic rods, magnetic tips, and nickel spheres for building structures. With Geomag, you can make almost any geometric shape.

Supermag is the new and improved version of Geomag. It has stronger magnets and more options in colors, shapes, sizes and prices. It's magnets are very strong and can hold any structure together. Yet, the parts can also be pulled apart easily when needed.

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