Hog Wild Toys

Written by Jill Morrison
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Hog Wild Toys began as the the popular bendable magnetic toys. They later developed other magnetic toys such as CanDroid, Scrap Metal Sculptures, and AcroBot. Every Hog Wild Toy is entertaining and unique, the perfect gift idea.

Types of Hog Wild Toys

There are various types of bendable Hog Wild Toys. Joe Bender is the classic example of the bendable toy. Joe Bender can do many different activities and may have many different characteristics.

Joe Bender can be purchased doing activities such as golfing, fishing, skateboarding, dancing, basketball, soccer, hockey, football, bicycling, recycling, and even cooking food on the grill. Depending on the personality of the gift recipient, there is an appropriate Joe Bender available.

Other Hog Wild Toys are appropriate for certain types of people. For instance, Bikini Benders and Gardening Daisy Benders may be appropriate as a gift for a female recipient. Extreme Benders, Warbles, Fridge Pins, Monkey Benders, CanDroid, and Scrap Metal Structures and many other toys are perfect for any age, sex, or personality.

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