Levitating Globe

Written by Jill Morrison
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A levitating globe can accentuate any home, classroom, or office. As with standard globes, it has blue-colored water areas and multi-colored continents. This globe is especially interesting because it can float and revolve in mid-air.

Finding the Best Levitating Globe

Levitron is the leader in levitating globe production. The Levitron globe demonstrates the mysterious properties of electromagnetism. With use of magnets, the globe will rotate in space above a lighted base.

Levitron globes are amazing because you can pass your hand or an object all around the globe without disturbing the flotation or rotation process. The base is also different from standard models of globes. It features a multi-colored LED lighting system with a strobe effect.

Levitron makes two versions of levitating globes. The standard version is 4 1/3" in diameter. The Executive Edition is 8 1/4" in diameter and also features and elegant styled base and black globe. The Executive Edition is popular as an office decoration. The standard model can be displayed anywhere, including bedrooms, living areas, and classrooms.

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