Magnetic Poetry

Written by Jill Morrison
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Magnetic poetry is a popular game for children and adults. Magnetic letters and words can be placed together on a magnetic surface to create various phrases. These phrases can be entertaining at a party, or be used as an educational tool for kids.

Magnetic poetry originally consisted of simple words that could be formed into rhyming sentences. The product has dramatically increased in popularity and now includes various topics of magnetic kits. Poetry can be created with topics in mind, such as animals, sports, cooking, travel, music, hobbies, etc.

Magnetic Poetry Product Options

Magnetic poetry can be purchased standard for use on a large magnetic surface, such as a refrigerator. Travel-size versions are also available. With travel versions, a case with a clip is included so you can clip the kit to your belt or backpack.

Magnetic products have developed further as an educational tool. Kids can use state capital magnets to learn about geography. Magnetic numbers and symbols can also be used to create various math problems and solutions.

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