Magnetic Poetry For Kids

Written by Jill Morrison
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Magnetic poetry for kids can entertain and also educate children. Magnetic poetry consists of magnetic letters or words that can be formed into sentences on a magnetic surface. Many kids enjoy creating poetry and phrases on their refrigerator or school locker.

Most magnetic poetry for kids kits include a case with a clip. The case makes it easy for children to travel with their poetry kits and keep them together. Children can carry their poetry kits with them on trips, throughout their homes, or at school.

Magnetic Poetry for Kids Options

Magnetic poetry for kids began with simple words that could be formed into rhyming sentences. The product has become so popular that numerous themes of magnetic poetry kits have developed. New topics include dog lovers, cat lovers, rock & roll, golf, USA pride, cooking, friendship, etc. Poetry can be made on practically any topic.

Magnetic poetry has also developed into other lessons for children. Various magnetic math kits teach addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication with magnetic numbers and symbols. Kids can also learn with magnetic state capitals or even play magnetic games such as tic tac toe, hangman, and checkers.

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