Business Card Case

Written by Joy MacKay
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Nothing quite says style like the business card case. In fact, business card cases can add a touch of class to any desk or office. They say to the customer that your business is an established one, and that you made the investment because satisfied customers want your cards to pass around.

You can get your business card case engraved at low cost. This is an especially nice touch, which adds an elegant feel to the cards. Don't have a budget for premium business cards? A single classy business card case can give the impression of expense without costing you dearly.

The Varying Looks of the Business Card Case

There are many different types and styles of business card cases. You might decide that a brass or gold card holder best suits your business. Perhaps you're thinking of something silver-plated, or more subdued.

Either way, you'll be sure to make an impression with your business card case. You can choose a case that will complement your card look, or go for something that sparks a little more contrast. Ask your online vendor about the styles that they carry, and complementary fonts.

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